Property Maintenance Management System

Our property maintenance management software gives Administrators many options for managing various activities of the property. PM2 software gives access to numerous users on a company level or control specific properties. We fetch the most sophisticated Technologies that are shrinking the unique operations and distances are bringing together the global construction community viz. PM2 crossing oceans, our web applications linking continents and sophisticated PM2 management software would be reaching the end users access through handset with help of our apartment management software.

The role and the form of the PM2 access network are undergoing dramatic changes, driven by the expectations of the users and the availability of new Technologies. Our property maintenance management software access networks have existed for over several years from the earliest days of the asset management and have evolved to suit the diverse needs of the diverse terrains, economies and population.We are a global player in the PM2 property accounting solutions market, Cogent Cyber Solutions has over the years, successfully developed and implemented viable technologies for the last mile in the Property Management Software. Cogent Cyber Solutions ranges of solutions meet the needs of those living in remote regions of the world as well as densely populated urban construction society. Our PM2 is functional operations for a global property management / organization like yours. We are fully confident of contributing significantly for the growth and profitability of the segment allotted to us.

Key Features

  • Timely receipt of payment
  • Crisp and clear Reports
  • Avoid annoying calls from occupants
  • Monitor all activities of the building
  • Satisfied Occupants
  • Computerized maintenance man-power
  • Higher value on property
  • Increased level of comfort
  • Central Remote control of building
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Facility Condition & space adequacy assessment Information

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